Ben Pryer is a singer songwriter/musician from West Sussex. From an early age, Ben wrote and sung his own music and was playing live shows at the age of 11 and could often be seen busking to large crowds in Chichester! He recorded his first E.P Again & Again with Tom Mills which went down a storm with the kids. He later went on to a more mature approach to the music he actually felt he wanted to play and part released another E.P called “The Unmastered E.P” which was only available on SoundCloud and featured tracks such as “Hold me by the heart” and “The Reason To Life”. Ben then had a call one day asking to join the chart successive boyband M.A.D. After much thinking he made the bold decision to join the group which boosted him straight into the charts with 2 Top 40 Singles (Fame & T.V and Shotgun) and a No.1 Album in the Record Store Charts. After diving in and out of the Top 40 Charts for some weeks the boys all decided it wasn’t right for them and chose to go their separate ways. This is where Ben is today, forging a new solo career. A new day has begun, Lets kill it!

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