The world of music is filled with a generous quantity of established and up and coming artists, but it is still one of the few industries, it seems, where there can never be enough of, “a good thing”.

         Boy and Girl Bands are very popular with current audiences where The X Factor and  Britain’s Got Talent are dominating our weekend TV screens throughout the year featuring them, so it can be quite a daunting task to test yourself in this very crowded arena as a solo artist.  But, every once in a while, a true talent does challenge the popular fashion, shine brighter and make a connection with today’s audiences; this is the case with Ben Pryer.

        This 21 year old has been writing, playing music and singing ever since he could pick up a guitar.  “It’s something I am passionate about and it doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, all I can ever think about is making my music”, says this engagingly modest young man.  Unlike many of his peers Ben’s focus is on Music first, Image second, and whilst this may seem an admirable and  more creative approach to take, he is under no illusion that to achieve success in the Music Industry his Personality and Image is as important as his musical talent and must be portrayed and shared with his audience.

       “The audiences want you to fulfil their Image and musical expectations, look good and play and sing your heart out at gigs.  I also want the audiences to feel that I am putting on a show just for them and to realise that they are important to me”.  He continues, “What is also important to me is that people connect with and enjoy my music and feel my happiness.  I want to take audiences on my Musical Journey, to dig what I am singing and to enjoy and feel attached, emotionally, with the music.”

       As a growing artist Ben is still discovering the many facets of his musicality, so it is incredible how meaningful and exciting his music, lyrics and performances already are.  Forget backing tracks, computer adjusted vocals, dancers or heavily orchestrated lighting rigs, Ben’s performances are all based around his eloquent vocals and crisp guitar work.  So don’t mistake Ben for an everyday singer with a guitar, he is so much more than that.  Already he is being described as a younger version of the very talented Ed Sheeran and is very busy performing and getting his brand of music out to an increasingly wider audience.

       Whether it’s his singing, musical talent, smile or good looks, there is an engaging presence about Ben when performing that certainly appeals to his audiences and will surely gain him even more fans and followers as he pursues his musical destiny.

Ben Pryer Functions

Three Empty Words

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Maybe In Love

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In The Ghetto – Elvis Presley

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Green Day – Last Night On Earth

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Ben plays all types of music from Elvis Presley to Ed Sheeran, Ben will bring life to any event and create a fantastic atmosphere without a need for you to worry.

What you get

Ben Pryer solo performance sets vocals and acoustic guitar

  • Performance duration: Up to 2 x 60 minutes

  • In between sets: Complimentary iPod music

  • High quality PA System

  • Public liability insurance


Functions Musician

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